Can I sell my code via Stripe?

Yes. You can simply setup a webhook to notify GitShipper of the new customer

Can I ship more than one codebase from a product sale?

No. Currently, GitShipper is a one-to-one relationship between the product sale and the private Git repository

Can I sell code from my own hosted Git repository?

No. GisShipper currently only works as a GitHub app.

What about documentation for my code, like which ENV vars to use?

You can use your existing, or any other documentation process. You can update a [](<>) file to publish changes in your new release.

What happens if my purchaser requests a refund?

If a customer requests a refund and GitShipper is notified of the refund by your marketplace e.g. GumRoad. GitShipper will notify the customer and remove their access.

What happens if someone tries to resell my code?

Before downloading your code, the customer accepts your terms and conditions. GitShipper injects a copy of the agreement into the packaged code.

Can I choose the licencing model?

Yes. You choose your licensing preference in the GitShipper dashboard.